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Providing Relief for Injured Federal Workers


Medical Evaluation & Paperwork Assistance

Our experienced medical providers will perform an extensive medical evaluation and assessment of your work-related injury, and determine the level (rating) of your impairment or disability respective to your job function. All appropriate and factual medical documentation – including a detailed history of your injury and diagnosis of your condition, which meets all U.S. Department of Labor standards and requirements – will be provided to the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) in support of your Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) claim. We provide medical evaluation and treatment of all orthopedic injuries for upper and lower extremities, injuries to the spine, and non-orthopedic injuries such as hernias, neurological deficits, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team will guide and support you through the entire FECA claims process, which can be time-consuming if you attempt to do it alone. To simplify the process for you, we’ll help you complete and submit all FECA-related paperwork for the coverage of your medical fees. We can also assist you with the completion of forms to file.

  • An initial notice of traumatic injury (new single incident injury)

  • A notice of occupational disease (cumulative injury)

  • A notice of recurrence (existing injury)

  • A compensation claim

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Other Services Include:

Onsite physical therapy allows our physicians and physical therapist to work closely together to put the best possible treatment plan in place and to ensure the speediest recovery possible. Our physical therapist, David Ball, PT, AT-C, has extensive experience in the treatment of all non-operative and post-operative orthopedic injuries and conditions. He will establish appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plans, following your extensive medical evaluation. He also provides all necessary documentation, which is submitted to the OWCP for your FECA claim and to your physician and/or surgeon in order to assess your rate of progress with physical therapy. (In situations where you must travel a long distance to our office, and upon your request, we can make a referral to an outside physical therapy clinic that is closer to your home.)

Our on-site pharmacy allows the convenience of getting your prescription(s) filled at the time of your appointment. This convenience also extends to your FECA claims process. We’ll already have your claim information on file, so we’ll be able to submit for medication coverage as well.

Before you are cleared to return to work, our licensed physical therapist, David Ball, PT, AT-C, will perform a thorough functional capacity evaluation to assess your safe functional capabilities.

Our diagnostic testing capabilities are both in-house and referral-based. We can perform X-rays (radiographs) in the clinic, and make referrals for MRIs, CT scans, EMG nerve conduction studies, or any other appropriate testing for more specific evaluation needs, as necessary. We always refer federal workers to reputable facilities that accept U.S. Department of Labor patients.

We have extensive onsite laboratory testing services. Our lab technicians and phlebotomists complete lab work necessary for preoperative purposes, including such tests as CBC, CMP, TSH panels and UA (urinalysis with culture). We can also test for the RH factor (for rheumatoid arthritis). We collect all necessary blood and urine samples in the clinic. In most cases, testing is performed onsite, and when lab work is sent out for testing, we receive the results back quickly.

Some injuries require the use of durable medical equipment or supplies as part of the treatment regimen. We can prescribe and provide all necessary and appropriate medical equipment, such as knee, ankle and wrist braces, crutches, elbow splints, home electric stimulators, and other ergonomic aids – and we’ll submit for coverage of these items under your FECA claim.

All permanent impairment ratings are now completed using the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Sixth Edition, per U.S. Department of Labor requirements. Once this evaluation is complete, a copy is mailed to you so you can file necessary paperwork with your employing agency to request a scheduled (monetary) award for your injury.

After review of the appropriate diagnostic studies, such as MRI and CT scan, your condition may require more invasive treatment, up to and including possible surgical intervention. We provide referrals to appropriate board-certified orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, general surgeons and spine specialists who are experienced in the care of injured federal workers – and who are highly knowledgeable about the FECA claims process. However, we are always open to our patients’ suggestions, so if you have a surgeon that you would like to evaluate you, just let us know.

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